How to Use a PS4 Controller on Steam

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In the world of gaming, the PS4 controller is known for its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface. If you’re a PC gamer, you might be wondering how to use this fantastic controller with your Steam games. Well, the good news is that it’s entirely possible, and in this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step

Setting Up the PS4 Controller for steam

Pairing via USB

To use your PS4 controller with Steam, you can start by connecting it through a USB cable. Simply plug one end of the USB cable into your PC and the other end into your PS4 controller. The controller will be automatically recognized by your computer.

Pairing via Bluetooth

If you prefer a wireless setup, you can connect your PS4 controller to your PC via Bluetooth. Ensure that your PC’s Bluetooth is turned on, press and hold the “Share” and “PS” buttons on the controller until the light bar starts flashing. Then, go to your PC’s Bluetooth settings and select “Wireless Controller

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Configuring the Controller Settings on Steam

Launching Steam Big Picture Mode

To configure your PS4 controller for Steam, launch Steam in Big Picture Mode. This mode is designed for controller use and makes the setup process much more straightforward. You can enable Big Picture Mode in your Steam settings.

Configuring the Controller

Once you’re in Big Picture Mode, navigate to the “Settings” menu, then select “Controller Settings.” You can then choose “PS4 Configuration Support” to enable your PS4 controller for use with Steam

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Using the PS4 Controller in Popular Games


One of the most significant advantages of using a PS4 controller with Steam is its wide compatibility with games on the platform. Most modern games available on Steam recognize and work seamlessly with the PS4 controller, thanks to its popularity in the gaming community. This compatibility extends across various genres, including action, adventure, racing, and more

Whether you’re into intense battles, exploring mystical realms, or racing at breakneck speeds, the PS4 controller can handle it all. So, you can enjoy your favorite titles with the comfort and precision of your trusted controller.

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Customizing Controls

Every gamer has their own preferences when it comes to controller settings, and Steam understands that. Steam’s controller configuration settings allow you to customize the controls of your PS4 controller for each game you play. Here’s how you can make the controller truly your own:

Remap Buttons: If a game’s default button mapping doesn’t quite suit your playstyle, you can easily remap buttons to your liking. For example, if you find it more comfortable to use a different button for jumping or shooting, you can make those changes.

Adjust Sensitivity: Some games may require more precise control than others. You can adjust the sensitivity of the thumbsticks and triggers to match the requirements of a particular game. Whether you need rapid, responsive movements or slow and deliberate actions, you can fine-tune your controller settings accordingly.

Configure Other Settings: Beyond button mapping and sensitivity adjustments, you can also configure various other settings. This includes toggling features like rumble feedback, gyroscopic controls, and more.

With these customization options, you can tailor your PS4 controller to your exact preferences, ensuring a gaming experience that’s not only comfortable but also optimized for your unique gaming style.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Connection Problems

While connecting your PS4 controller to Steam is generally straightforward, you might occasionally encounter connection issues. If your controller isn’t being recognized, or if it disconnects unexpectedly, here are some steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Reconnect via USB: If you initially connected your controller wirelessly, try reconnecting it via USB to ensure a stable connection.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting: If you’re connecting via Bluetooth, ensure that your PC’s Bluetooth is turned on and working correctly. Also, ensure your PS4 controller’s firmware is up to date for improved compatibility.

Reset the Controller: In some cases, resetting the PS4 controller might resolve connection issues. To do this, you can find a small reset button on the back of the controller, usually near the L2 trigger. You can use a paperclip or a similar tool to press this button.

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Button Mapping Problems

In some instances, you might find that a specific game on Steam doesn’t map buttons correctly for the PS4 controller. If you’re facing this issue, here’s what you can do:

Use Steam’s Controller Configuration: Steam provides a user-friendly interface for remapping buttons and configuring controller settings for individual games. You can access this feature through the Steam Overlay while in-game.

Browse Community Configs: Another useful feature on Steam is the ability to access community controller configurations. If you’re unsure about the best configuration for a game, you can see what other players have created and shared.

Experiment and Fine-Tune: Don’t be afraid to experiment with button mapping and sensitivity settings until you find the configuration that works best for you. It might take a bit of trial and error, but the end result will be a custom setup that enhances your gaming experience.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can overcome common connection and button mapping issues, ensuring a smoother gaming experience with your PS4 controller on Steam.

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Using a PS4 controller on Steam is a fantastic way to enjoy your PC gaming experience to the fullest. With its ergonomic design, precise controls, and customization options, the PS4 controller provides a comfortable and familiar interface for both casual and avid gamers.

So, why wait? Get your PS4 controller connected to Steam, and let the gaming adventures begin. With compatibility across a wide range of games and the ability to customize controls to your liking, you’re in for a truly immersive and personalized gaming experience.

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