The Best PS4 Exclusive Racing Games

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Gran Turismo Sport is an exclusive PS4 title that stands as one of the most realistic racing games available. It’s known for its meticulous attention to detail in both cars and tracks, making it a true driving simulator. The game offers a wide range of cars, from everyday vehicles to high-end supercars, each meticulously recreated. With its various modes, including a challenging campaign and daily races, it caters to both single-player and online multiplayer enthusiasts. The graphics are breathtaking, showcasing the capabilities of the PS4. Gran Turismo Sport offers an authentic and immersive racing experience, making it a top choice for racing game purists.

WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection is another PS4-exclusive racing game that provides a unique and futuristic racing experience. This high-speed anti-gravity racing game combines stunning visuals with intense speed, creating a visually impressive and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. It features a vast array of sleek, futuristic vehicles and challenging tracks that will push your reflexes to the limit. With its split-screen multiplayer option, it’s a great game for those who enjoy competitive and cooperative gameplay with friends. WipEout Omega Collection delivers a thrilling and challenging racing experience exclusive to the PS4.

Driveclub VR

For gamers who own a PlayStation VR headset, Driveclub VR is an exclusive title that takes the racing experience to a new dimension. It offers a compelling virtual reality racing experience, immersing players in the driver’s seat. The game features a diverse range of cars and tracks, providing a captivating VR experience for car enthusiasts. With realistic graphics and immersive audio, Driveclub VR is a testament to the power of the PS4 and its compatibility with virtual reality technology. It’s a must-try game for those seeking an intense and immersive racing experience on their PS4.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2, while not a PS4 exclusive, offers a unique and expansive open-world racing experience. Players can explore a vast open-world environment that spans iconic American landscapes, from bustling cities to serene rural areas. What makes this game special is its seamless transition between various vehicle types, including cars, boats, and planes. You can switch between these modes on the fly, offering a diverse and thrilling racing adventure. The Crew 2’s social aspect encourages players to form a crew and take on challenges together, making it a fantastic multiplayer racing game available on the PS4.

Days Gone

While not a traditional racing game, Days Gone offers a unique open-world experience on the PS4. In this post-apocalyptic world, you’ll find yourself riding a motorcycle through dangerous and dynamic environments. Your bike is your lifeline, allowing you to traverse the rugged terrain, escape hordes of zombies, and engage in thrilling chases. The game’s emphasis on motorcycle mechanics and customization makes it an intriguing choice for those who enjoy vehicular action within a vast, immersive world.

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Bloodborne, known primarily as an action RPG, features a dark and gothic atmosphere, but it offers a unique twist on racing with the Chalice Dungeons. These procedurally generated, underground labyrinths provide an intense and fast-paced experience as you dash through traps and enemies. The adrenaline-fueled exploration of these dungeons feels like a race against time, making it a gripping addition to the PS4’s exclusive game library.

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is an exclusive PS4 title that combines racing and mechanized combat in a futuristic sports league. You’ll pilot massive combat rigs and engage in high-speed battles in various arenas. The game offers a sense of speed and competition as you strive to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. RIGS is a unique fusion of racing and combat, making it an exciting choice for those seeking adrenaline-pumping multiplayer action on the PS4.

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Driveclub is a visually stunning PS4-exclusive racing game that focuses on the thrill of club-based competition. It offers a variety of cars and tracks and encourages players to form or join clubs for cooperative or competitive challenges. The weather effects and realistic graphics are a visual treat, showcasing the PS4’s capabilities. Driveclub’s social features and engaging gameplay make it a noteworthy title in the PS4 racing game lineup.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 

Uncharted 4 is primarily an action-adventure game, but it features a memorable bonus racing sequence. In a thrilling chase scenario, players navigate tight streets, engage in high-speed pursuits, and experience breathtaking moments, showcasing Naughty Dog’s commitment to cinematic gameplay. While not a standalone racing game, this segment adds an unexpected and exhilarating racing element to the overall adventure.

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The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us is primarily known for its gripping narrative and survival gameplay, but it includes an exhilarating bonus racing segment. In one memorable scene, you’ll find yourself racing against time and enemies, navigating through the chaotic, dilapidated environment. This unexpected racing element adds an extra layer of excitement to an already intense and emotionally charged game.

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The PS4’s library is a testament to the console’s versatility, with a rich selection of exclusive and non-exclusive titles that cater to a wide range of gaming preferences. Whether you’re competing on the track, exploring open worlds, or racing against time in post-apocalyptic landscapes, the PS4 delivers a world of thrilling racing experiences.

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