Ghost of Tsushima Black Friday 2021 PS5 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Ghost of Tsushima Black Friday 2021 PS5 & Cyber Monday Deals – If you are looking for Ghost of Tsushima deals during Black Friday 2021 then you are landed at the right place here you will get the best discounts on these videos games.

From the late 13th century, the Mongol empire has laid waste to whole countries along with their effort to conquer the East. Since the island burns in the aftermath of the initial wave of the Mongol attack, samurai warrior Jin Sakai stands as among the last surviving members of the clan. He’s solved do anything it requires, at any cost, to safeguard his people and recover his home. He must put aside the customs which have formed him as a warrior to forge a new route, the route of the Ghost, and wage unconventional warfare to the liberty of Tsushima.

The Mongol Empire decimated entire countries in their quest to conquer the East in the 13th century. Tsushima island is all that remains between Japan and the Mongol invasion fleet under Khotun Khan, the cunning and ruthless general.

The island is charred by the Mongol invasion, but Jin Sakai, a brave samurai warrior stands firm. Jin Sakai, one of the few remaining clan members, is determined to defend his clan and reclaim his homeland. To forge a new path, called the Path of the Ghost, Jin must let go of his warrior past and fight an unconventional war for Tsushima’s freedom.

Ghost of Tsushima Black Friday 2021 PS5


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